About Cheap Ammo Rounds

Cheap Ammo Rounds is an online retail store outfitter for shooters who compete seeking to purchase ammo, firearms as well as NFA products. Our inventory is carefully curated specifically and focused. We offer top-quality equipment that has been tested to be effective in the toughest environments. Our main focus is providing our customers with the right equipment to shoot in competition. Three-Gun IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, GSSF, and (our our favorite) Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS).

We are the direct dealer in Cadex Defence, Defiant Machine, Zermatt, Foundation stocks, Bartlein, Proof Research, American Precision Arms, Hawkins Precision, Tangent Theta, Bravo Company, Double Alpha Academy, Ghost, Black Scorpion, Invictus Practical, Black Rain Ordnance, Stag Arms, and many others.

Cheap Ammo Rounds is also a supplier of suppressors, firearms, ballistic armor, ammunition and other equipment to state, local, and federal police departments seeking exceptional service and affordable solutions. We offer agencies gear from, and have partnerships to, Cadex Defence, Masterpiece Arms, Accuracy International, Spuhr, Tangent Theta, Elcan, Nightforce, Aimpoint, Benelli, AR500 Armor, Surefire, Thunder Beast, LMT Defense, Bravo Company, Knights Armament, OSS

Our DUNS number is 080391412.

Our CAGE code is 85G57.

We offer FFL transfers and have earned an excellent reputation among our customers, many who have requested us to conduct transfers for them several times. We are aware of the importance of this service and love meeting people who share the same values.

If you’re an Competitor or Warfighter or a Protector, Texas Star Arsenal can assist you in finding the best equipment for your needs.

Thank you for visiting our shop. We are looking forward to serving you.

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